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Burden Of Care

A cutting edge story of sacrifice, protection and duty, bent on taking the reader to the brink of morality.

The sworn duty of a doctor; first do no harm, protect the interests of the patient, heal with competence and care. As a student of medicine, Quill’s taken every opportunity he’s had to find his father’s cure. With every step leading to dead ends and questions his father can’t answer. The scars of a long and brutal war linger, as turmoil spreads across the dividing borders of Arcaminia. Trapped in the fallout of his father’s past, Quill’s forced to join a team of mercenaries, laying everything he knows on the line to keep his family whole.

Coming Soon

Olivia Finch

A twist of humour and horror wrapped in a paranormal mystery.

When a spirits reach out from the Ether for help, professional medium Olivia Finch sprints headfirst to answer the call, making a few deals while she’s at it. Accustomed to facing off against cults and demons, Olivia wasn’t born to be a saviour, but she knows nightmares and the horrors that creep on both sides of the Rift. When a voice cries out for help, Olivia sees her past repeating, and will do anything to save a child from a fate worse then death.


Keelan Nicks writes for a new age of urban fantasy. Current projects include his upcoming debut novel Burden Of Care and the occult mystery novella Olivia Finch. 

A freelance content editor with over three years of experience with helping self-published and aspiring authors find their light in the writing community.

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07 July 2020

Burden Of Care: Progress Report

September 23rd, 2020: Burden of Care is in the early stages of its development! The planning process is finished and writing in the early stage of its second draft.  No …

07 July 2020

Olivia Finch: Progress Report

September 23rd, 2020: Olivia Finch is in its infancy  The occult mystery novella currently called “Olivia Finch” will be a short novella series expected to be self-published and released by …

07 July 2020

Everything you need to know about the Creative Writers Society!

During his freshman year at his home town College, Keelan Nicks became president of a small group of writers who called themselves The Creative Writers Society. A group dedicated to …

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