Everything you need to know about the Creative Writers Society!

During his freshman year at his home town College, Keelan Nicks became president of a small group of writers who called themselves The Creative Writers Society. A group dedicated to helping aspiring authors reach the full potential of their writing talents. With the help of his two friends and executive partners, The CWS has supported over a dozen new and talented writers with confidence, support and constructive feedback.

With the recent COVID-19 outbreak making in-person meetings impossible, The Creative Writers Society has moved online and reaching authors around the world. Using google based applications such as drive and hangouts, the CWS has seen new life in reaching writers across literary genres and mediums. Helping new authors reach their goals and gain confidence as they step into the publishing industry.

Whether you’re aspiring to be on the new york times bestsellers list or a hobby writer looking for a fun group, we urge you to reach out through our email: CreativeWriterSoc@gmail.com or message Keelan through twitter @Scenic_Keenic for more information and links to the submissions folder and meeting room.

Group meetings are every Tuesday at 5:30 pm Mountain Time and usually run for 1-2 hours. Meetings consist of a group discussion for each member’s submission, followed by a closing discussion on the craft of writing. All are welcome to attend, but spots are limited!

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