Writing Philosophy

The Reader Should Always Be Respected:

Every author should feel honoured and humbled whenever a reader chooses to pick up their book. For a moment, however brief it may be, the readers look into a piece of the authors’ passion and shares an understanding that spans beyond the page. An author’s sole responsibility is to ensure this bond is never betrayed. Even if the reader’s experience is negative, a good author always maintains respect and courtesy.

Bring Life To Readers, Not Reality:

It’s impossible to make a story “real”. There’s simply too much of our world to capture in the binding of a book. Authors capture life. Or rather, authors capture experiences of life. The author chooses the lense for wich an experience will be viewed and in doing so, the reader is carried into the life of another. Sharing the story alongside them.

Find Balance With The Familiar And Fantastical:

This is the bread and butter of urban fantasy. A genre that allows full creative freedom while being grounded in the familiar. Any avid reader knows new and never-seen ideas can be exciting while familiar elements provide wonder to our every day mundane. Creating a satisfying story readers connect with means the reader feels a story is familiar to their personal experience; but an adventurous story, that envelopes the reader in a journey means sharing something new with fantastic ideas. Urban fantasy acts as a powerful genre for this balance.

Give Reader Something To Carry With Them:

An author should always be aware of their purpose for writing. Whether it’s a short story or six-part epic, having a thought to grasp or idea to ponder brings profound value to literature. Knowing what a story is at its core and what it provides for an audience is essential for every writer. This gives your story weight readers will gladly take with them.

Characters Are Everything:

At the heart of every story are a few everyday characters with the potential for spectacular things. There is no story without characters. Allowing characters to be themselves and inhabit a story allows readers to follow them wherever they go. Regardless of morality or demeanour, creating an engaging character means the unique qualities of their personality shine across every page.

A Place Is Never Just Any Place If It’s Your Home:

Nowhere is generic, just as no-one is average. Every detail can come alive in the readers’ minds, from the tinniest sapling to a towering cathedral. It’s the duty of a writer to immerse a reader in whatever world’s been created with an instinct for how these details affect the perception and feelings of both characters and readers.

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